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Tripigy Navigator

1.99 usd

Tripigy Navigator is your essential travel and adventure application, giving you access to a comprehensive list of places to visit and stay. Recording your journey and sharing it with your network of friends and family, Navigator has the capability to function entirely offline, ensuring you’re covered throughout your travels. Eliminate the potential of becoming lost with an efficient platform that tracks your every move. The Tripigy platform has the largest single points of interests available on a database for virtually any country across the globe. With over 30,000 POIs on-hand, this network provides you with an abundance of places to visit, experience and seek out – all through an attractive, easy-to-use travel-based platform. Enjoy the freedom of creating your own personal markets to keep on top of locations you’d like to return to, or share them across your network of family and friends.
Not only does Navigator keep basic travel information on record, the platform also includes details location descriptions, hi-resolution photos, resources and services, all amongst a list of facilities available across a number of locations. Find all the travel necessities throughout national parks, caravan parks, free camping sites, rest areas, service facilities and low-cost camping grounds.
As a user, you can contribute to the ever-expanding database of information by providing updates on locations and photos, which are all reviewed by our efficient team. Daily cloud updates are available every morning to ensure your travel plans are kept as up-to-date as possible.
Navigator now supports an “offline” mode and is now powered by our partner maps provider to bring the best in high-quality photograph and detailed street maps across each country. Use this app as if you were utilising it online and enjoy free reign of a wealth of essential travel information. Once you have access to an internet connection, you can easily back-up, store and sync all of your information into our secure cloud storage for safe-keeping. Become a part of the Tripigy travel community and upload reviews, share photos of locations you have travelled to and provide comments on your adventures, including information on services and facilities that you've come across. Don’t hesitate about losing your device – all information you've collected along the way is able to be synced at any time.
The Navigator app includes a default database, world map for offline use and other core travel features. Once running, you can easily select different countries and download additional maps for offline use during your journey.
Please note: Running your device’s GPS in the background may dramatically decrease your battery life.